Pro-Jump Jumping Stilts
These Patent protected Pro-Jump jumping stilts were brought to the UK market in 2005, by our directors who saw the extreme sports and fitness gadget been demonstrated at a trade fair in Asia, and realised that this would become the next big thing in outdoor sports and fitness. The Pro-Jump jumping stilts gained vast exposure through all sections of the media, which exceeded all expectation.

These jumping stilts are the invention of Alexander Boeck and are patent protected in the UK, USA, Spain, Italy, France and Germany, with only a select few companies been granted the permission to sell their through their own trademark. UK Good Deals Ltd not only holds the Pro-Jump trademark but are also the only company in the UK which sells the inventors own jumping stilts called the PowerSkips. Pro-Jump are now regarded as the leading sellers of this type of product in the world.

Pro-Jump has led the way in this industry, providing the best customer service and by supporting key talent. In July 2006, Pro-Jump opened a dedicated Pro-Jump Jumping Stilts Forum which was the first forum of its type where a jumping stilts seller gave a focal point for all their customers to share experiences, pictures and videos and get instant support from other Pro Jumpers and Pro-Jump Staff. This forum continues to grow and now has over 3300 members with new members joining up everyday.  In October 2006, Pro-Jump became the first stilts seller with its own sponsored display team, made up of talented individuals who promoted the sport around the country and offered training sessions. The Pro-Jump display team enjoyed lots of TV coverage and a member of the team appeared on the Jonathan Ross show in the Christmas 2006 show.  Throughout the years Pro-Jump have supported all key groups in the country and now sponsor Pro-Jump 101 a team of Extreme Powerbockers who come from a Parkour & Free Running background who we have sponsored since early 2007.

Pro-Jump has worked with the following companies;  The BBC, Sky One, Channel Five, ITV,  BBC Radio 1, CCTV, FIFI, Gunniess World Records, Comic Relief, Sports Relief, Children in Need, Lifeboats,  O’Neill, Zapcat, have been featured in the following magazines, Nuts, Emel, Wired, FHM, Celebrity Angels: Health & Fitness and have appeared in the following shows; Famous & fearless, The Gadget Show, The One Show, The Slammer, BBC News, Regional News, Freeky Eaters, Guiness World Records Smashed to name just a few!